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  1. landzek says:

    Why; that’s an interesting post 😀. Hey Terrence, perhaps you will help me: In a piece of writing, when do you capitalize ‘post-modern’ and like derivatives. I’m looking all around the Internet, and I’m not getting a clear answer. What do You do?


    • terenceblake says:

      You capitalise it when it is behaving like a proper noun or part of a proper noun:
      The postmodern is a state of uncertainty (here you’re using the word transparently, so no capital)
      The Postmodern is that moment when all legitimating metanarratives are cast into doubt (here you are refering to a concept that is signed Lyotard)
      The postmodern experience involves a loss of aura (transparent, so no capital)
      The Postmodern Hero is unsure of his identity and of his goals (a special concept that you are proposing or that you find in someone else’s work).


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