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PLURALIST BLOG: In Search of An Ideal

I was inspired by a post about Wittgenstein by Bharath Vallabha on his blog IN SEARCH OF AN IDEAL: Foundations of a Pluralistic Academic Philosophy, as it helped me clarify my thoughts on François Laruelle, another philosopher who has produced … Lire la suite

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This is a response to a post by André Carus on his very interesting CARNAP BLOG. The post is entitled « ONTOLOGICAL PLURALISM » and seeks to correct what André considers to be a mistaken interpretation of Carnap as an ontological pluralist. … Lire la suite

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We must distinguish between on the one hand what Laruelle says about himself, his own self-evaluation, and on the other, what he actually does. Naturally enough, Laruelle gives himself full marks for realism, and the Laruellians are content to simply … Lire la suite

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THE LARUELLIAN FALLACY: the primacy of negation in non-philosophy

In a very interesting blog post, Bharath Vallabha discusses the problematic stance of Wittgenstein in relation to traditional philosophy. Wittgenstein critiques the Cartesian move of raising global doubts about the reality of our world as incoherent. But Vallabha points out … Lire la suite

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The Wittgensteinian Fallacy

Initialement publié sur In Search of an Ideal :
Wittgenstein argued that traditional philosophy questions are incoherent and a kind of nonsense. For example, Descartes asks in The First Meditation if the world he is experiencing is an illusion. How does he know…

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LARUELLE vs DERRIDA: sufficiency, scientism and performativity

A lot of emphasis has been given in discussions of Laruelle to the supposed « performance » character of his thought. However, performativity can only be seen as positive when its use is non-foundational. A foundational use of performativity is one that … Lire la suite

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To all those people who kindly « like » my tweets, facebook comments, and blog posts, or who leave links, comments and personal reflections, I would like to say thank you for your encouragement. Thanks to you, I am slowly synthesizing my … Lire la suite

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