Deleuze’s first seminar, “What is Grounding” (1956-7), is now available

Free pdf of Deleuze’s first recorded course: WHAT IS GROUNDING.

My Desiring-Machines

&&& (Triple Ampersand) just released an English translation of  a “near-complete transcription/ lecture notes taken by a student enrolled in the earliest recorded course offered by Gilles Deleuze, What is grounding? (Qu’est-ce que fonder?).” It is free and open-access; all you need to do is provide your email address to receive a download link.

It is the first text to be released as part of &&&’s MÉMOIRES INVOLUNTAIRE series, whose mission, as the editors describe it, is:

“interven[ing] in the prevelant (sic) understandings of cultural, theoretical, and other literary canons by renewing texts of the past in the present, for the construction of alternate futures. By disturbing collective memories that have either forgotten about such works or were never aware of them originally, the series not only invigorates memory, but also intensifies imagination.”

Very exciting news!

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