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CARTOGRAPHY OF PLURALISM: an ongoing philosophical project

There is a common misunderstanding of my theoretical interventions that is based on a misapprehension of the context of my remarks. Many people perceive me as expressing a sort of personal obsession in my writing, for example in my critical … Continue reading

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This year is the 40th anniversary of the publication of the first edition of Feyerabend’s AGAINST METHOD. It seems an appropriate time to revisit the book, and Feyerabend’s thought more generally, to see what contribution it can make to our … Continue reading

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CLEARING DELEUZE: Alexander Galloway and the New Clarity

AS: What do you think of Alexander Galloway’s comments on forgetting Deleuze? TB: I can only sympathise with him. Galloway seems to regret having wasted much of his time reading a lot of media theorists, no doubt for professional reasons, … Continue reading

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ON NOT EXPLAINING: Laruelle and prudence

I think the idea that one can not or should not explain Laruelle, or any other philosopher, is more authoritarian than one may want it to be. Explaining is impossible, but I am a teacher, so I do the impossible … Continue reading

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“On a theoretical plane, three current solutions make it difficult to approach the problem of man and victim without misunderstanding […]: (1) the creationist reaction as a symptom of a lost paradigm, without a doubt the most dangerous regression, but … Continue reading

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I find many of the posts on philosophy blogs unreadable, premised as they are on being part of, and very interested in, the institutional inscription of philosophy and various other informal indicators associated with that institutional existence. This is no … Continue reading

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THE HISTORICAL ARGUMENT AGAINST OOO: Graham Harman’s phantasmatic history

Argument: Graham Harman, contrary to the legend he has tried to accredit, did not have to confront a philosophical world dominated by anti-realism and the epistemology of access. Let us recall a few well-known facts in the history of philosophy … Continue reading

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