Laruelle and Deleuze both talk about “non-philosophy” (Gregg Lambert has written an interesting book on the non-philosophy of Deleuze, available here). The two conceptions are quite different, and Laruelle does not help us to get a clear view as he consistently imposes onto the discussion a definition of philosophy that is not pertinent to Deleuze’s text and thus caricatures it. Laruelle’s diagnostic that Deleuze’s text is “still philosophy” is thus tautologous, the predictable result of this Procrustean procedure.

If we approach the two philosophers in a non-partisan spirit we can see several similarities:

(1) the emphasis on pure immanence

(2) the critique of the dogmatic image of thought, called by Laruelle “philosophy”

(3) the break with a philosophy of difference, Deleuze moved from difference to pure multiplicities in 1972 in ANTI-OEDIPUS with his encounter with Guattari, Laruelle 14 years later in PHILOSOPHIES OF DIFFERENCE

(4) the edification of a “quantum” thought, in Deleuze and Guattari’s THOUSAND PLATEAUS (1980) and 30 years later in Laruelle’s NON-STANDARD PHILOSOPHY.

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