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THEORY-LADEN, POWER-LADEN, SUBJECT-LADEN: obstacles to democratic exchange

Cross-posted as comment to a post by Bharath Vallabha, on his blog IN SEARCH OF AN IDEAL. To translate your analysis into my terms, you are saying that Stanley’s book is theory-laden, power-laden, and subject-laden (which I take it that … Lire la suite

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My View

Initialement publié sur In Search of an Ideal :
Contemporary philosophy in America is in the midst of a sea change. In simplest terms, it is going from being mainly about a canon of white males to becoming more pluralistic. But…

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LARUELLE’S DE-PERFORMATIVE USE: re-essentialising Badiou

In a recent interview surveying the overall sense and direction of his oeuvre, self-styled « non-philosopher » François Laruelle contrasts his search for « new » uses of philosophical concepts to the arrogant, dogmatic use that philosophy has always made of its own conceptual … Lire la suite

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François Laruelle has described his philosophical development in terms of successive phases, each of which represents an advance towards a more generic thought by means of the dissolution of philosophical obstacles. Looking back over these phases, we can see that … Lire la suite

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Initialement publié sur Object-Oriented Philosophy :
Here are the first two sentences of STEVEN HORST’S REVIEW of a Williams/Robinson anthology on the topic: « This volume consists of an introduction and eight essays, each critical of something described as scientism. ‘Scientism’, however, is…

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Pourquoi j’aime Michel Onfray

1) Il a su tracer son propre chemin d’immanence. D’inspiration deleuzienne, il n’est tombé ni dans la répétition ni dans le rejet. Son chemin philosophique fait partie intégrante de son processus d’individuation. 2) Sa volonté de rendre la philosophie populaire. … Lire la suite

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Draft entry for a Michel Serres Dictionary: Le Système de Leibniz et ses modèles mathématiques (1968)

Initialement publié sur Christopher Watkin :
Le Système de Leibniz was published during the heady anni mirabiles of late 1960s French thought. It appeared in 1968, the same year as Roland Barthes’s short essay ‘The Death of the Author’, one year after…

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I have no hostility to religion as such, and I think that there is much to learn from the way Latour extracts religion  out of the mode of REF and of belief. However, I don’t think that a separate mode … Lire la suite

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