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Examples of pluralistic, Wittgensteinian, non-Academic philosophy include: Paul Feyerabend, Bruno Latour, and myself. My blog is an attempt to articulate, explore, and defend View 8.

In Search of an Ideal

Contemporary philosophy in America is in the midst of a sea change. In simplest terms, it is going from being mainly about a canon of white males to becoming more pluralistic. But this is not a binary issue: traditional or pluralistic. There is much scope for genuine, productive philosophical disagreement on what pluralism can look like, and what form it can take.

To see this, consider the following three questions:

1) Is Pluralism, as opposed to Eurocentrism, correct?

2) Is there merit to Wittgensteinian criticisms of philosophy? (One might ask similarly of Heidegerrian or Pragmatist criticisms, and so on.)

3) Is it possible to do cutting-edge philosophy outside academia?

Each of these questions can be answered yes or no. That means there are eight possible views in conceptual space.

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  1. Hi Terence, I thought our blogs were aligned in this way, but I didn’t want to presume and list you in my examples for View 8. I will add your name now. Thanks.


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