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ON EVENTS IN PHILOSOPHY: Badiou, Feyerabend, and Cavell

Badiou says there are no « events » in philosophy in the strong sense, but only in art, science, politics, and love. Cavell’s lifelong testimony shows that philosophy does intrinsically comport events, and happily so. For Badiou two important factors closely associated … Lire la suite

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Philosophers Helping Society

Initialement publié sur Philosophy Impact :
Whatever the cause of philosophy becoming sidetracked, over the course of the twentieth century philosophers increasingly followed W. V. O. Quine’s path in treating philosophy as a technical exercise of no particular interest to the…

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QUANTUM COLLISIONS: On the incipit to François Laruelle’s NON-STANDARD PHILOSOPHY (revised version)

1) ENTER THE MATRIX « You are entering a zone of « non-philosophy »… For you the philosopher it is a knowledge-collider, for you the physicist it is a conceptual maze – you are in the Matrix » (first sentence, PHILOSOPHIE NON-STANDARD, 7, my … Lire la suite

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I find Laruelle very interesting, but I absolutely reject the mystique around his ideas, that he himself cultivates, especially under the principle of uniqueness (the idea that he is the only non-philosopher). I think he is guilty of a double … Lire la suite

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In his book PHARMACOLOGIE DU FRONT NATIONAL (2013) Bernard Stiegler poses an interesting question: Why did post-structuralism cease to make use of the concept of ideology? This is a good question, in that critical discussion of « ideology » did not entirely … Lire la suite

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In a very interesting article, Alain Badiou distinguishes three types or senses of negation: classical, intuitionist, and paraconsistent. Classical negation is strong negation, and obeys both the law of the excluded middle LEM) and the law of non-contradiction (LNC). On … Lire la suite

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response to R. Scott Bakker on transcendental phenomenology and BBT

Initialement publié sur Footnotes2Plato :
Anyone who posits some form of efficacy or constraint outside the natural order on the basis of some kind of interpretation of ‘experience’ has the same argumentative burden to discharge: How do you know? What…

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Alain Badiou: What is Philosophy? [Part 1: Philosophy and Language]

Initialement publié sur Lacanian Scraps :
I encourage you to check out some of my other hyper-transcriptions, including: Zizek Versus Badiou: Is Lacan an Anti-Philosopher? Alain Badiou: Localizing the Void Alain Badiou: Mysticism, Philosophy, and the Two Cuts Alain Badiou: From Being…

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CRITICAL LANGUAGE: opaque vs transparent

Comment cross-posted from the discussion of « double-talk » led by Bharath Vallabha on his blog IN SEARCH OF AN IDEAL I find this whole discussion very interesting, yet very puzzling. Bharath, you seem to use a model of “detachability”, where insights … Lire la suite

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UNSCHOLARLY APHORISMS ON NEO-PESSIMISM: from terror-forming to terra-forming

1) Neo-pessimism is monism: the mono-tonal subjectivation of a passively received a-tonal world. 2) Neo-pessimism is not « cosmic » pessimism. Cosmic pessimism is a contradiction in terms: 3) Neo-pessimism is pseudo-scientism, it mobilises no real scientific knowledge of physics or … Lire la suite

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