OOO AND DIALOGUE: a failed project

My review of Graham Harman’s book THE THIRD TABLE has now attained 2,000 views on I have also opened a discussion session, and the paper has received 662 views. Even allowing for some overlap, this amounts to 2,500 views. This is a good score, as OOO’s dialogic technique has been to treat fundamental critiques with silence, to pretend that they don’t exist, and to hope that they will go away.

There has been no reply from Harman over the last three years. I think that the booklet contains a particularly clear statement of his philosophy, and that it could have been at the origin of a wide discussion of OOO, not just limited to academics and partisans.

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2 commentaires pour OOO AND DIALOGUE: a failed project

  1. Paul Hanson dit :

    Your tone on OOO is a real turn off


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