PERFORMANCE AS INDIVIDUATION: creating your own space

You will get no satisfying answers to questions about Laruelle’s dogmatic, nostalgic, monistic, reductionist side from any of the official Anglophone Laruelleans, because each of them sutures their individual version of (non-)philosophy to one particular language (politics, psychoanalysis, religion, art, and science). Raising the question of Laruelle’s hyperbolic scientism with insistence will only get you condescension, bluff, or denial, or else get you ignored, ostracised, or slandered.

This behaviour of the Laruelleans gives some credence to René Girard’s theory of mimetic violence, and thus shows one of the multiple domains of application of René Girard’s and Michel Serres’ theses about mimetic desire and scapegoating. The market niche of “Laruelle” in English is to be defended at all costs from incursions from the outside.

Let a thousand non-Laruellean non-philosophers flourish. Do not let a small band of academics arrogate to themselves and monopolise the widespread and legitimate questions and doubts about standard academic philosophy that many of those interested in philosophy raise today.

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