A New Political Triangle

This is a particularly clear presentation of Latour’s idea of Gaia, without the intrusion of his religious perspective. “Gaia” is simply one possible name for the planet Earth, here envisioned under the régime of global warming. There is implied no mystical entity, nor dubious (or fringe) science. There is a link between global capitalism (as described by Guattari, and also by Badiou) and global warming (Guattari sees this link with ecological concerns much more clearly than Badiou). The “Globe” is now no longer the biggest territory with which capitalist subjectivity can identify, but the Earth as dialectical partner in an exchange outside the régime of human mastery, and so outside the régime of identification.

The Political Theology of Bruno Latour

An important new text from Bruno Latour on a ‘third way’ (or should it be: a ‘third point’) to advance a political theology in the contemporary moment:

Terroir, Globe, Earth – A New Political Triangle

Formerly, we used to enjoy ‘splendid weather’ or put up with a ‘lousy climate’. But in recent months we’ve found ourselves on the receiving end of some ‘awfully splendid’ weather. What is true of the weather is also true of politics. The present moment is both awful and tremendous: thanks to the concurrence of terrorist actions, the rise of the so-called ‘national’ Front, and the conclusion of COP21, it is possible that we might finally be coming to appreciate where we are and what kind of politics we have to pursue.

Up to now, most of the points of reference for assessing whether one’s position was ‘progressive’ or ‘reactionary’ have been situated along the length…

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