“Laruelle does not exist; or, working with non-philosophy, not worshipping it”

Laruelle’s negative phase of “non-philosophy” must be understood and assimilated before we can hope to understand his more recent positive achievements. His PRINCIPLES OF NON-PHILOSOPHY is an essential step on the way to his later more positive works, e.g. NON-STANDARD PHILOSOPHY and CHRISTO-FICTION. Following in the footsteps of Ray Brassier’s science-oriented presentation of Laruelle’s work in NIHIL UNBOUND, Anthony Paul Smith’s religion-oriented approach, exhibited in his book “A Non-Philosophical Theory of Nature: Ecologies of Thought”, culminates in a unified theory of philosophical theology and of ecology, presenting his understanding of the human as “creatural”.

Here Smith is able to set aside, for the most part, his more partisan views in order to present and facilitate our access to a key work from Laruelle’s negative scientistic phase. Laruelle, like other contemporary Continental thinkers such as Bruno Latour and Bernard Stiegler, found that there remains something undeconstructed at the core of recent deconstructionist philosophies. This intuition of Laruelle’s will finally be fully elaborated in the more thoroughgoing “quantum” deconstruction and reconstruction of his later work.

Smith reveals his own biases, and commitments to the “creatural”, only at the end of this introductory book, in the last two sentences, where he concludes, heralding the coming of “new non-philosophical works”:

These works will manifest a certain fraily as well as power, a certain sense of what it means to [be] One-in-One. That is, a certain sense of what it means to be a creature, a human being, nowhere at home and yet able to speak in a multitude of strange tongues” (126).

Source: Laruelle does not exist; or, working with non-philosophy, not worshipping it

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