BADIOU ON HEIDEGGER (1): video (in French)

Badiou speaks here about his seminar on Heidegger, professed from October 1986 to June 1987. Some hasty commentators have claimed that Badiou does not know much about Heidegger’s philosophy or has had nothing much to say about it. However, this seminar was a key step leading up to the publication of BEING AND EVENT a few months later, in January 1988.

Many developments closely linked to this seminar are to be found not only in BEING AND EVENT and MANIFESTO FOR PHILOSOPHY but also in LOGICS OF WORLDS and continuing up to the present day, in his seminar on IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS.

Badiou’s seminar on Heidegger was published in French last year. It contains 340 pages, including a short preface written in 2015 which presents the major argumentative lines of Badiou’s engagement with Heidegger’s philosophy:

In a sense, with and against Heidegger, this Seminar recounts how an ontology is invented in philosophical discord, in friendship for the poem, and under the instruction of the matheme (page 11, my translation).

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One Response to BADIOU ON HEIDEGGER (1): video (in French)

  1. JH says:

    Timely after Harman’s post lamenting Badiou’s non-engagement with Heidegger.


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