Malabou’s concept of the brain’s plasticity is a necessary contribution to a neurosophy worthy of the name. Joseph Weissman sets the stakes outside the cynical “gee-whiz” rodomontades of the blind brain slogan-mongers. New ways of feeling, different images of thought, alien modes of existence: this is the pursuit and deepening of pluralism, as opposed to its dogmatic denial.

Fractal Ontology

michael lovelace, the dawn of neurodevelopment – the migratory journey of neural precursors Dr. Michael Lovelace and associates, The dawn of neurodevelopment – the migratory journey of neural precursors

Catherine Malabou has created a meticulous and profound new concept of the brain. Malabou analyses the functions which neuroscience has discovered, conducting a contemporary synthesis of neuroplasticity, crystallizing a new concept which acts as a curious new abstract machine with many parts. She names this concept plasticity after the plastic multiplicity of the brain; and one component of this concept expresses the brain’s power to learn and to heal, and even to reconfigure itself. Another component is transdifferentiation, or the power of life to remake and refold itself: the capability of certain (pluripotent, totipotent) cellular organisms to unfold into some or many other kinds of cells.

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2 Responses to Malabou

  1. dmf says:

    her philosophical use of “plasticity” may be “meticulous” but her brain science is rather lacking, never sure if she is trying to ground philosophy (in which case one should read folks like Andy Clark instead) or if she is trying to poeticize neurology/physiology in which case she might still be of some use.


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