NON-ACADEMIC PHILOSOPHY or Deleuze and Zombies

The question is ever more frequently asked « Can philosophy exist outside the academy? » It is asked sometimes sincerely, sometimes disingenuously. Yet these « non-academic », or perhaps it is better to say « non-institutionally based », philosophers already exist and are able to flourish and to engage in fruitful dialogue thanks to their creative online presence. These thinkers are pioneering a form of philosophically lived digitality, rather than simply philosophising about the digital.

Here is my comment on the problem, with a brief list of such philosophers, including John David Ebert, Bharath Vallabha, Daniel Coffeen, and Timothy Rayner.


I would especially recommend:


LIFE CHANGING: A PHILOSOPHICAL GUIDE   (2nd Edition) by Timothy Rayner

READING THE WAY OF THINGS: Towards a New Technology of Making Sense (forthcoming) by Daniel Coffeen

IN SEARCH OF AN IDEAL blog by Bharath Vallabha

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