MOURNING SPECULATIVE REALISM: Leon Niemoczynski on the speculative life behind the dead movement

Leon Niemoczynski’s forthcoming book on Speculative Realism looks very interesting, and is a step in the direction of impartial analysis. Beyond the braggadocio of manifestos and the bitterness of in-group squabbles we need a non-partisan account of the origins and branding of this movement that was never quite able to live up to its promise. Something began to move, a strong desire was felt to get back to the speculative intensity and scope of the thinkers that had inspired so many to want to participate (by reading, but also by discussing and by writing) in philosophical activity of contemporary relevance.

Unfortunately, despite the initial flurry of conceptual creation, this philosophical desire was betrayed. A philosophy arose that was the antithesis of speculation, positing new objects that were invisible, untouchable, unthinkable, cut off from all we know and experience behind a veil of « withdrawal ». This « object-oriented » philosophy failed to indicate that its promotion of withdrawal as a central concept spelled the end, and the impossibility even in principle, of all speculation. Under false pretences a stipulative idealism entered the field of speculative realism and hi-jacked it, becoming its most vocal public face.





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2 commentaires pour MOURNING SPECULATIVE REALISM: Leon Niemoczynski on the speculative life behind the dead movement

  1. dmf dit :

    glad to see that Leon is still working these things thru, be interested to see where it took him.


  2. landzek dit :

    Recalling my Aristotle, i think, speculative concerns truth, whereas the other one concerns practical negotiations. The latter for example ‘the philosophy of dog training’.

    Though the SRs are kinda lacking, or it did lack, Harmans lack i do not think lay in his discussions of withdrawn objects, but more in that people are not interested in truth, they are interested in making a name for themselves by coming up with novel practical ideas.

    Im sure you would find new meaning of all your opinions if you looked at my books, but ironically,im beginning to wonder if im correct and that you likewise have no interest in truth because it might disrupt the identity you attempt to uphold.

    Maybe not. Only you can know that.

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