Scientism is rampant today, including within Continental Philosophy, which formerly was the source of its most decisive critiques. One of scientism’s variants, mathematicism or the reduction of all reality to mathematics, is becoming increasingly popular.

Scientism usually involves a homogenising synthesis of a rather arbitrary selection of the past results of science, a simplified idea of the methods applied, plus a vague promissory note that some day in the future everything as yet unexplained by science will come under its scope.

The mode of thought active in scientific research is constructive rather than summative, as Latour and Feyerabend have emphasised.

I tend to agree with Badiou that the subjectivation of science is not any nihilistic affect but happiness (see METAPHYSIQUE DU VRAI BONHEUR).

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  1. dmf says:

    [audio src="" /]
    “don’t look for reality, look for freedom and imagination”


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