NO MORE ALPHAS: confessions of an eternal « beta ».


Deleuze said that people are always disappointing, that what is important is not meeting or discussing with people but encountering ideas. I beg to differ, as this statement implies a rather reductive idea of the people in our various milieux. Deleuze enriched this onesided intellectualist vision by also taking into account the percepts and affects that traverse us, the gestures and movements, the transformations and becomings that constitute our folly and our charm.

My experience is that you can’t « win » against an alpha and their hate group without turning into one yourself. However, the alpha does not own the territory that it lays claim to, and has a very simplistic (and self-serving) idea of what the territory is. The best response is to widen and enrich our perception of the territory, to see that there is much more to it than the alphas would have us see. As usual the solution is pluralist: subtraction of the One, awareness of abundance.

The difference between the alpha mode of existence and the subtractive « beta » mode should be apparent in all aspects of our life, including in our online behaviour. One application of this idea is in the contrast between speculative realism and its cynical counterfeit. The key to deciphering the mode of existence involved lies in the primacy given to the concept over the supposed « realism » of the alpha (usually male) competitor in a self-nourishing game of thrones.

Some further reflections can be found here:

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2 commentaires pour NO MORE ALPHAS: confessions of an eternal « beta ».

  1. landzek dit :

    My question is alwAys where i can find the Savage Reservation, and if im gonna survive in civilization until then. 😄

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