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DE-FREEZE DELEUZE: the philosopher you love is also your trauma

My last post is part of my ongoing attempt to de-freeze my image of Deleuze, to relate to him as a source of inspiration rather than an object of study. I attended his seminar during six years, it was an … Lire la suite

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AGAINST THE LITTLE DELEUZIANS: Schizoanalysis is all around us

Deleuze is dead. He has been dead for twenty years. We cannot keep on talking and writing as if nothing significant in philosophy and relevant to his thought has happened since his last book, WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY?, published in 1991 … Lire la suite

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« AM I A PHILOSOPHER? » (3): Zizek’s ethics – against arrogance and stupidity

My discussion of Zizek’s talk « Am I a Philosopher? » is an unfinished attempt at giving a close reading of Zizek’s text. The text’s argumentative structure is not obvious, and the relevance of the later sections to the question in the … Lire la suite

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« AM I A PHILOSOPHER? » (2): Decaffeinated Philosophy and the Art of Conceptual Enjoyment

In examining the initial question of whether Zizek is a philosopher, we are confronted with two seemingly plausible possible responses, a veritable parallax: 1) Zizek the hysterical cultural studies guy, the neurotic failed philosopher 2) Zizek the proponent of a … Lire la suite

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« AM I A PHILOSOPHER? »: Zizek, Althusser, and Laruelle

At the beginning of his paper entitled « Am I a Philosopher?« , Slavoj Zizek cites a series of critiques that seek to deny him the very status of philosopher. The three main claims are that 1) Zizek has no philosophy, no … Lire la suite

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CRITICAL DUPITUDE: legitimation crisis and para-academic apologetics

Prodigal scientism: OOO’s stroke of genius was to appropriate a widespread scientistic paradigm (a striking example is the Althusserian distinction of the real object and the theoretical object) , to give it an idealist cast, and to brazenly proclaim this de-natured product … Lire la suite

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