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LYOTARD ON WRITING AS A (BEAST OF) BURDEN (1): the stumbling child

AMBIGUITY I wish to give a reading of « A l’écrit bâté », a dense enigmatic poetic text by Jean-François Lyotard, belonging to his « later » period. It is quite short, only twenty paragraphs, and is published in Lyotard’s posthumous book MISÈRE DE … Lire la suite

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BADIOU’S BECOMING-DELEUZE: a personal observation

1) OPPOSITION, RESISTANCE I neither forget nor excuse any of Badiou’s « militant » mafia tactics in disrupting Deleuze’s seminar and setting himself up as judge in a caricature of a tribunal of the people. My current attitude towards Badiou has evolved … Lire la suite

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Badiou published only one letter (translated here) from that correspondence. Deleuze was very exacting, perhaps even tyrannical with his texts, refusing interviews, repeating some formulations of key concepts almost word for word for decades. It is regrettable regret that he … Lire la suite

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We are all OK, family and friends. Usually we go and watch the fireworks every year on Bastille Day, at less than ten minutes walk from our home. Exceptionally, last night we decided to stay home, a lucky decision as … Lire la suite

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Much of what Deleuze and Guattari say in WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY? about the many threats to philosophy can be applied to schools and movements that came after their demise. An interesting supplement to their discussion of these threats is provided … Lire la suite

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ZIZEK ON DELEUZE’S LETTER: against identitarianism

Gilles Deleuze’s « Letter To A Severe Critic » is one of his richest and most beautiful texts. It can be seen as a theoretical and practical treatise on alterity, so it is only fitting that Zizek misreads it, and Deleuze’s work … Lire la suite

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WORLD WAR F: pluralism, OOO, and the narcissism of the (sub-)footnote

The theme of my blog is pluralism and individuation in a world of becoming. Recently I have spelled that out in terms of a metaphysical research programme whose heuristic core is an open, immanent, pluralist, processual (diachronic), apophatic, democratic ontology. … Lire la suite

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LARUELLE’S MONIST STRUCTURALISM: exclusivity vs dialogue

Patrick Jennings at The Non-Buddhist blog has some interesting reflections on the danger of giving a structuralist reading of standard philosophy as caught in a universal structure that Laruelle calls the « philosophical decision ». This meta-decision about the decision has a … Lire la suite

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DISCUTER LARUELLE: diplomatie et vertus épistémiques

Rendre quiconque triste n’est pas mon intention. Le noyau rationnel de ce que j’avance dans mes écrits sur la non-philosophie concerne l’existence de conflits, de contradictions, d’incohérences, et d’antagonismes dans la pensée de François Laruelle qui ne sont pas du … Lire la suite

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LARUELLE’S CONTRADICTIONS: Aristocratic Scientism and Generic Christianism

François Laruelle often invokes a democracy of thought, but is one of the least democratic thinkers that exists in the « post-structuralist » constellation. Laruelle says he is not doing a critique of philosophy, but he constantly claims that philosophy aims at … Lire la suite

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