We are all OK, family and friends. Usually we go and watch the fireworks every year on Bastille Day, at less than ten minutes walk from our home. Exceptionally, last night we decided to stay home, a lucky decision as it turned out. It is a terrible thing that has happened, and we are all very shocked.

Nice 1

The evening after the terrorist attack. All is calm. I am walking from my home to meet up with my wife, who works on the Promenade des Anglais, after work.

Nice 2

Summer as usual, only with a lot less people and fewer cars. There is also a lot less noise than usual, no loud sounds, no crying out, no noise of traffic. Less pollution too.

Nice 3

Then I arrive at a blockade. There is a barrier and lots of press trucks and police. To meet up with my wife I must go behind the Promenade des Anglais, into the street that runs parallel with it, the rue de France.

We walk home, quietly discussing what we have learned during the day, warmed by the various signs of solidarity received from friends and family, and also from people we only half-know on facebook etc. We were close to tears all during the day, thinking of those who were not lucky, who were wounded or killed for no good reason. They just went with friends or family to watch the fireworks, and to be together.

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