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A useful graphic guide to all the art referenced in The Last Days of New Paris

Originally posted on Out There Books:
I had to share this link. A China Miéville fan has put together a collection of all the Surrealist artwork referenced in the new novella, The Last Days of New Paris. It should definitely…

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BADIOU ET LA JEUNESSE: installation vs transgression

Résumé d’une conférence d’Alain Badiou aux lycééns sur LA VRAIE VIE. A l’intérieur de chaque jeune il y a deux ennemis de la vraie vie: 1) La vie consiste à consommer et à jouir, à avoir des satisfactions La vraie … Continue reading

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Paper also available on here.

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SELF-HOAXING: a postmodern replacement for argument

The interesting point for me in the “Badiou Hoax” affair is the self-hoaxing. H&B have no idea of Badiou’s analysis of “Maoism”, the word is just an empty rubric in a list of stereotypes. Yet they accuse Badiou of using … Continue reading

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THE BADIOU DICTIONARY: against the postmodern self-hoax

PRESENTATION THE BADIOU DICTIONARY is an impressive achievement. Composed of over 400 pages of explication and analysis of Badiou’s philosophy, it comprises 93 entries ranging from two to ten pages, with an approximate average length of four pages. This length … Continue reading

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LYOTARD ON WRITING AS A (BEAST OF) BURDEN (2): childhood’s (not) end

SUPPLEMENT:  A Child The text A l’écrit bâté was first published, in French in 1986. It was later published in Misère de la philosophie (Galilée, 2000), a posthumous collection of Lyotard’s texts, most of which were fragments for a projected … Continue reading

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CARGO CULT OR TROJAN HORSE? Laruelle’s scientism and the religionists’ denial

PHILO-FICTION Lyotard was uncompromising in his critique of philosophy and in his experimentation with new forms of thought and expression.  I began my commentary on Lyotard’s short text A l’écrit bâté to show what a real “philo-fiction” (Laruelle’s term) looks … Continue reading

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