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Lacan’s concept of the « imaginary » does not exhaust the register of images but represents only one particular regime of that register. This insight underlies Deleuze’s cinema books, which continue, in sublimated form, the critique of Lacanian psychoanalysis that is contained … Lire la suite


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ON THE DANGERS OF SELF-CLONING: overcoming Laruelle’s scientism

Laruelle constantly claims scientific status for his non-philosophy but is unable to respect his own criteria or satisfy even the vaguest criteria of scientificity. Conclusion Laruellean non-philosophy is pseudo-science: However, non-Laruellean non-philosophy can overcome that defect: la suite

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Landzek has responded to my last post with a long meditation stemming from his own research, which draws on other sources and experiences than mine. I think however that we agree on two interrelated points 1) the contradiction between Laruelle’s … Lire la suite

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CLEARING THE GROUND (1): Laruelle’s rearview mirror

Laruelle: the mountain of jargon that gives birth to a mouse of common knowledge. One of the evolutions of my thought on this blog is the passage from a relatively favorable attitude to Laruelle to a great disappointment. This evolution … Lire la suite

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BLOGOS SYNOPTICON: six years of philosophical blogging

The blog AGENT SWARM has existed for a little over six years. There is a great coherence in my blogging over this period. My constant theme has been epistemological and ontological pluralism. In fact, pluralism has been my concern for … Lire la suite

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Scotty to Kirk: Captain, we’ll just put the OOOotron in the neo-Sellarsian tesseract and reverse the de-inferentialisation of the Brandomions. With any luck the Sokalian drive will hold out. You would not know it from most discussions for and against … Lire la suite

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Sometimes I get strange reactions to my posts, comments and replies that have more to do with the reader’s need to express themselves or to provoke a response on my part than with anything that I have actually written. I … Lire la suite

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MICHEL SERRES: imaginal pluralism vs informational monism

Michel Serres’ HERMES pentalogy exhibits the progressive elaboration both of a pluralist research programme and of an information paradigm. Slowly the writing changes from a more conceptual and academic style to a more imagistic and literary style. The tension, or … Lire la suite

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BADIOU AND THE YOUTH: settle or transgress

Summary of a conference by Alain Badiou to high school students on TRUE LIFE. Inside each young person there are two enemies to true life: 1) Life consists in consuming and enjoying, in having satisfactions. True life is made of … Lire la suite

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DELEUZE, BADIOU, LARUELLE, CIORAN: a plea for polychromatic vision

Badiou, despite being radically mistaken and wrong-headed on important points in his interpretation of Deleuze as expressed in his book DELEUZE: THE CLAMOR OF BEING, highlights certain aspects of Deleuze that go against euphoric neoliberal interpretations and already point towards … Lire la suite

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