On the subsidiary question of what “candidate” procedure do I propose to the Badiousian ontological tribunal I must reply that I do not situate myself within Badiou’s system and so do not appear before that tribunal.

My own research involves a long-lasting investigation of epistemological and ontological pluralism.As a pluralist I have no intention of edifying a counter-tribunal, but only of exploring a loosely related set of general traits that can help orient us within the existing conceptual confusion.

On this blog I consider different metaphysical research programmes and evaluate them in terms of an open list of pragmatically evolved meta-criteria:

pluralism, openness, empiricity, heuristics, diachronicity, heuristics, apophaticism and equality.

The question of the empiricity of Badiou’s system is particularly interesting, as it is surely an important aspect of his system, and recognised as such by Badiou but it has been up to now little commented and only grudgingly avowed by many of his purported disciples.

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