LARUELLE: from self-troll to self-hoax

In the current state of anglophone Laruelle studies it is impossible to separate pseudo-science, crypto-religion, and quasi-fiction from real scholarship. This is not so much an issue of translation as of cultural transposition.

Laruelle’s Anglophone followers tend to have a heavy-handed political agenda (in the sense of the politics of philosophy) which prevents critical analysis and discussion of Laruelle’s weaknesses and confusions, and which actually intensifies and consolidates them.

As in the case of many other French philosophers, the attempted transplantation often results in partial petrifaction. In the case of Laruelle this “de-philosophisation” has seemed to serve his own message of non-philosophisation.

An interesting example of this is how Laruelle’s self-trolling (scientism) is unacceptable in an Anglophone de-philosophised context, and is replaced by self-hoaxing (religionism, dogmatic Marxism).

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