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IMAGINE SPHERES: Sloterdijk’s refutation of solitude

Many people read Sloterdijk’s SPHERES trilogy too literal-mindedly and concretistically, whereas I can only make it work for me by reading it metaphorically and imaginatively, by way of the imaginal vision advocated by the post-Jungian analyst James Hillman. Such reductionist … Lire la suite

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Review of Levi Bryant’s ONTO-CARTOGRAPHY

In this review I consider the contradiction between Bryant’s desire to inherit and carry further certain progressive post-structuralist themes and his allegiance to the regressive schemas of object-oriented ontology.

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LOVECRAFT’S STYLE: a Deleuzian comment by Alan Moore

Gilles Deleuze talks about style as a form of creative stuttering, a means of speaking one’s mother tongue as if it were a foreign language, a way of being bilingual in a single language. Alan Moore writes: The deployment of … Lire la suite

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OOO AND MESO-MINING: the lazy man’s reductionism

Objects in Graham Harman’s object-oriented ontology occupy a middle ground between undermining (intelligibility in terms of atomic components, the scientific prejudice) and overmining (intelligibility in terms of subsuming ensembles of qualities and relations, the humanistic prejudice). objects cannot be reduced … Lire la suite

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LARUELLE’S « QUANTUM »: nostalgic obscurity and the manipulation of stereotypes

Laruelle’s project is to « quantize » Marxism. Yet his account of just what he means by the quantum thought is situated at such a high level of abstraction and of vagueness that he might just as well have projected to « magick » … Lire la suite

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LARUELLE’S « NON-MARXISM »: Between Ethicism and Religionism

INTRODUCTION TO NON-MARXISM is a very interesting work of transition, published in French in 2000, and well worth reading in the contemporary context of thought trying to break free from the inherited limitations that prevent it from engaging realistically with … Lire la suite

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The World of Failing Machines

Initialement publié sur HONG KONG REVIEW OF BOOKS 香港書評 :
Terence Blake discusses OOO and convergent and divergent readings of an important new book on speculative realism and literature. FALLIBLE DIVERGENCES: literary theory after speculative realism Grant Hamilton, The World of Failing Machines (Zero…

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