I first read Feyerabend in the early seventies but his philosophy was frowned on by the scientistic philosophy department I was studying in, which was dominated first by the analytic philosophers and then by the Althusserians. Towards the end of the seventies the dominant philosophy was becoming “postmodern”, in the bad sense of forms of social constructivism and linguistic idealism,under the sway of Lacan and Derrida.

So I moved to Paris to see if the French philosophers were really as irrationalist and as constructivist as described. No, I found, they were realist, rationalist, and pro-science. I could have moved to Zurich and studied under Feyerabend, but I thought that there was something undevelopped in his pluralism. Feyerabend’s thought was stunted by the lack of a favourable intellectual context. He was continually involved in polemics, trying to correct misreadings and misunderstandings.

So I think I made the right choice to push my pluralism forward by coming to France.

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