JOHN DAVID EBERT: mythic vision and cultural criticism

John David Ebert is an important theoretical voice, specialising in what he modestly calls “cultural criticism”, but is really an imaginative discipline that he is creating as he goes, combining myth studies, Continental philosophy, and popular culture.

Ebert once ironically referred to himself as an “anti-Zizek”. However, he does not reject Zizek’s cultural criticism so much as incorporate his work into a wider vision informed by Jung and Hillman at least as much as by Freud and Lacan.

Jung allows us to read Zizek mythologically, rather than to read Jung, as Zizek does, reductively.

Ebert is constantly experimenting not only with new ideas but also with new forms for presenting his thought. He is a prolific writer and lecturer, and it is hard to keep up with his production.

If I had to choose one book as emblematic of his thought I would recommend ART AFTER METAPHYSICS, which contains a historico-philosophical vision of art as the creation and transformation of “iconotypes” and an exploration of its post-metaphysical avatars.

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One Response to JOHN DAVID EBERT: mythic vision and cultural criticism

  1. Janet Abbey says:

    I also find him wonderful and stimulating. He is a unique voice.


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