DREAM AND PHILOSOPHY (1): a democracy of dreamers

As a philosopher, but everyone is or can be a philosopher, my way is the way of dreams and of their dialogue. Arguments and analyses are important, but they take their place in the light of the dreams they express or criticise.

Dreams can be used to criticise the world but this is not a one way exchange. There is no dictatorship of the dream, and even dreams need to be expressed and explored, shared and confronted, confirmed and revised.

I find nourishment and inspiration for this composition of dreams and philosophy in the works of Deleuze and Guattari, François Laruelle, Slavoj Zizek, and Bernard Stiegler, and also in the work of post-Jungian analyst James Hillman.

Laruelle invites us to dream, to enter the dream time and to dream our own dreams, to move freely from the dream to the day world and back.

I have criticised his spatialising of « non-philosophy » on this blog, but there is much to like in Laruelle, once you remove the dogmatic shell.

In dreaming we re-temporalise and re-symbolise the spatialised and literalised world in which we live.

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5 commentaires pour DREAM AND PHILOSOPHY (1): a democracy of dreamers

  1. landzek dit :

    You might find these interesting. If you got some down time:

    I think they echo your ‘dreams’; an intersection of Philosophy and art


  2. Patrick jennings dit :

    I’ve never read Hillman for more than 10 pages without irritation, but reading the pdf above my jaw drops a little more than usual. A good sign so I will try with Hillman again. Thanks

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  3. landzek dit :

    Hi Terrence. A while ago Any comments or a blog or something I mention my idea about « a partition » and you gave me a reply that had to do with Heidegger and a similar notion. Can you tell me or direct me to where in Heidegger he talks about that idea of his?


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