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ZIZEK’S DELEUZE/LACAN PACT: an ongoing project

In my comments on Zizek’s INCONTINENCE OF THE VOID I  have given him the best and most charitable reading I can, given his refusal both of deconstructionist negativity and of « new » positivity. The same applies to my comments on his … Lire la suite


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REVIEW OF BLADE RUNNER 2049: on the ontology of replication

ABSTRACT: Can a copy be as good as, or even better than, the original? If not a copy, then a creative repetition? Can the successor species to humanity, or the sequel to a film, have a soul? I greatly enjoyed … Lire la suite

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Zizek has very slowly come to overcome many of his own objections to Deleuze, and to espouse some of his positions. The beginning chapters of LESS THAN NOTHING are quite striking in that regard. In a book of interviews from … Lire la suite

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Some of the works that are held up as exemplars of the epoch of the philosophy of difference are in fact implicit critiques of difference as too structuralist. In particular Deleuze’s DIFFERENCE AND REPETITION and Derrida’s DIFFERANCE are cases rather … Lire la suite

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BADIOU AND INDIFFERENT BEING, by William Watkin, is a very useful and interesting book on Badiou’s « Platonic gesture » in ontology. It is the first volume of a projected two. The aim of this first volume is to begin re-read Badiou’s … Lire la suite

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BLADE RUNNER 2049 AND ARRIVAL: a pedagogical cinema

Denis Villeneuve’s ARRIVAL is a brilliant film, thoughtful and moving, visually powerful and emotionally rewarding. I cannot recommend this film too highly. However, just as his BLADE RUNNER 2049 differentiates itself from the original BLADE RUNNER by providing an explicitation … Lire la suite

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Zizek’s INCONTINENCE OF THE VOID (1): the only good ontology is a failed ontology

Slavoj Zizek’s new book INCONTINENCE OF THE VOID embodies the latest stage in his ongoing « non-standard » metaphysical research programme. It is non-standard in that its « ontology » of the « barred One » is at the same time an exploration of « the impossibility … Lire la suite

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