Zizek has very slowly come to overcome many of his own objections to Deleuze, and to espouse some of his positions. The beginning chapters of LESS THAN NOTHING are quite striking in that regard.

In a book of interviews from 2010 Zizek even proposed a “pact between the Deleuzians and the Lacanians” based on the idea that with the “third” Lacan the opposition can be overcome:

“Of course, if we reduce Lacan to Oedipus, to interdiction, etc. this pact cannot be established. But if we envisage the Lacan of the theory of the real, who is much more interesting, ties can be established with Deleuze” (Zizek, A TRAVERS LE REEL, my translation).

It is about time that Zizek acknowledged that there is a similar evolution in Jung, from the biologistic Jung dating back to before his break with Freud and his schizophrenic encounter with the unconscious, through his search for the core myth (or fundamental fantasy) to the “psychoid”  (or quasi-psychic quantum real) Jung of the last period.

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  1. memecatcher says:

    Hi, Terence! Thank you for your post. Have written other pieces discussing Jung?


  2. This is easily my favorite interpretation of Jung ever! Thank you so goddamn much for this! This has renewed a lot of it for me!


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