Slavoj Žižek or Jordan Peterson? Both Please!

More on the Zizek/Peterson synthesis. Zizek himself has spoken of the Lacan/Deleuze pact so this sort of partially convergent partially divergent synthesis is applying his own method to himself.

Cadell Last

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 1.22.18 PM Synthesis!

Video: Slavoj Žižek or Jordan Peterson?  Both Please!

So it seems like Žižek heard the criticisms regarding his approach to the political phenomenon of Jordan Peterson and has responded quite clearly. In this response he attempts to remind us of the ways in which the “radical left” or the “identity politics” left has marginalized his voice from contemporary discourse (like when he ironically supported Trump). In fact, I was well aware of the ways in which Žižek could not stand political correctness. He has a joke in his Žižek’s Jokes book that is specifically directed at Santa Cruz, which he refers to as the “politically correct” capital of the world (1).

For me, I was merely confused by Žižek’s initial interpretation of Peterson because he dismissed him as someone that had only risen in public popularity because of Leftist identity politics. I know that identity politics has been a…

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  1. Janet Abbey dit :

    I left my replies to you over at Cadell. Sorry. I hope you go there to read what I said.


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