The main purpose of this blog is to set up a dialogue (and provisional synthesis) between different contemporary versions of philosophical pluralism. An important instrument of this task is the progressive elaboration of an open and flexible set of meta-ontological criteria.

A consequent pluralism is anarchistic (there is no Big Other), realist (extreme relativism is excluded), apophatic (the Real cannot be reduced to any one manifest reality, or to any combination of manifest realities, diachronic (it seeks to reconcile realism and historicity of knowledge and being).

I have sketched out the scope, sense, and application of these meta-ontological criteria to contemporary Continental philosophy in my analyses of the systems proposed by a set of pluralist thinkers (Badiou, Zizek, Laruelle, Latour) as metaphysical research programmes. The particular criteria proposed do not correspond to a dogmatic meta-system of my own invention but to heuristic indicators drawn from Paul Feyerabend’s late work, in particular from his posthumously published CONQUEST OF ABUNDANCE.

Zizek’s ontological system has much in common with Feyerabend’s non-systematic views on ontology, and many of Zizek’s pronouncements can be read as updated conclusions of Feyerabend’s epistemological and ontological anarchism, which Feyerabend himself saw as a freed up version of Hegelianism that converges in his thought with an equally freed up version of Niels Bohr’s quantum philosophy.

Feyerabend’s vision is a clear predecessor not only to Laruelle’s quantum deconstruction but also to Zizek’s own synthesis of non-standard Hegel and quantum images of thought.

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2 commentaires pour ONTOLOGICAL AND EPISTEMOLOGICAL ANARCHISM: Zizek and Feyerabend

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    talking antagonism


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