LARUELLE ACROSS THE DIVIDE: translation dead translate

I think there is a phase divergence between Francophone and Anglophone philosophical worlds. What can seem old hat to us can seem new to the French because they vivify it in terms of their current problematics and vice versa.

For example, I think Laruelle’s book NIETZSCHE VERSUS HEIDEGGER (1977) is close to contemporary interests in Continental Philosophy in English. I think it would be a good choice for the next in the ongoing publication of translations of his work. A very useful translation of the first chapter, by Taylor Adkins, can be found here.

There is also a paragraph-by-paragraph translator’s introduction and exegesis of the text to be found here.

This sort of work is important as in diversifying and opening the number of points and modes of access to Laruelle’s thought we shall get a more informed and hopefully more accurate vision of its lineaments, of its strengths, and (dare one say?) its weaknesses.

For the moment the Laruelle world is too small, and it needs to let a thousand flowers blossom, as is the case with Derrida, Badiou and Deleuze, and not be controlled by a tiny monopoly that are afraid to air their differences and to confront the big outside world.

I think Laruelle may not have realised the harm he was doing himself in choosing some of his emissaries in English.

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2 commentaires pour LARUELLE ACROSS THE DIVIDE: translation dead translate

  1. Philip Beitchman dit :

    Cool, I know the book, and it’s quite fascinating; it’s companion, near in time, equally, whose title gives more away: Au dela du pouvoir… connects with l’impouvoir of Blanchot, souffrance of Henry…


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