READING “READING MARX” (4): OOO’s twofold supplementation

In sum, Zizek sees object-oriented ontology as attempting to supplement or replace the ontology of modern science with its own ontology of real objects and relations.

“The problem with OOO is that its ontological premises seek either to supplement or to replace modern science with a premodern form of how things really are in themselves” (READING MARX, 141).

This ontological supplement, OOO’s real objective ontology, being hyper-abstract, itself needs supplementing by a second unreal subjective ontology, that of sensual objects and relations. This sensual supplement is necessary to give an illusory effect of “reality”, that the real ontology is incapable of giving.

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One Response to READING “READING MARX” (4): OOO’s twofold supplementation

  1. at what emergent level does the “real” object exist in itself?? Its a silly attempt to circumscribe onto theology . You cant do it. Just be like Brassier– Nihil Unbound– that should do it.


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