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BADIOU’S IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS: contents (French and English)

Thanks to François Nicolas we now have a precise idea of Badiou’s forthcoming book, the third volume of « BEING AND EVENT » entitled THE IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS. It is due to be published by FAYARD, on September 19, 2018. Here is … Lire la suite

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« But what I have tried to bring about is a compromise, a pact between Deleuzians and Lacanians. Against the Deleuzians and Lacanians themselves. Of course, if you reduce Lacan to Oedipus, to interdiction,etc. this pact cannot be made. But if … Lire la suite

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The Deleuze/Zizek pact and Spike Jonze’s HER

Zizek’s LESS THAN NOTHING is a very interesting and impressive synthesis not only of Hegel and Lacan, along with Badiou, but also of Deleuze, Foucault, and Lyotard. Zizek was influenced by Deleuze more than many seem to think, but I … Lire la suite

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REVENANT GUN: Diluted and Delayed Cognition for Enhanced Empathy

I will be using a book review of Yoon Ha Lee’s REVENANT GUN to help me articulate my ambivalent reaction to the novel, and to the trilogy it completes. The review is by Nicasio Andres Reed, and it was published … Lire la suite

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