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1) It is laughable that so many people blindly repeat Laruelle’s claim that Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy is a « philosophy of difference ». It is much more accurately characterised as a « philosophy of multiplicity », that mutates in WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY? into a … Lire la suite

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1) Laruelle’s attempted escape from philosophical « sufficiency » (a form of totalising monism) leads him initially to the relativism of a plurality of thought worlds. But this plurality is still not pluralism, but merely a refined (and obscurantised) relativism. 2) Laruelle … Lire la suite

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Vidéo Mon parcours du livre : Intensités philosophiques et langage des infinis

Voici ma contribution aux journées autour de « L’Immanence des vérités » d’Alain Badiou 1° et 2 octobre 2018, Théâtre La Commune (Aubervilliers):

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Ma Bibliothèque Bilingue (1): Sloterdijk

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LARUELLE AND POST-TRUTH: respecting one’s criteria

Post-truth blues. One of the biggest dangers to thought today is the « post-truth » image of thought that one may call democratic relativism (note: other, less objectionable, forms of post-truth are possible). The contemporary philosophical context is driven by the search … Lire la suite

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Laruelle’s ANTI-BADIOU (2011) is a late-comer to the critical analysis of Badiou’s BEING AND EVENT (1988). These other analyses have not yet been translated, nor does Laruelle refer to them in French. Note: this is from the Cahier du collège … Lire la suite

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LARUELLE’S DEMOCRATIC RELATIVISM: failed immanence, concept-blindness, and non-virtuous performance

1) Recent attempts at validating François Laruelle’s ideas in terms of the idealist criterion of « performativity » actively hinder their immanent evaluation and reduce his system to a form of democratic relativism where « all thoughts are equal ». 2) There can be … Lire la suite

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