Laruelle’s ANTI-BADIOU (2011) is a late-comer to the critical analysis of Badiou’s BEING AND EVENT (1988). These other analyses have not yet been translated, nor does Laruelle refer to them in French.

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Note: this is from the Cahier du collège international de philosophie number 8, also published in 1989. Cover here:

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The time-lag between Laruelle’s ANTI-BADIOU and these important responses, that led Badiou to extend and revise his BEING AND EVENT project, is striking. Laruelle waited a full generation before publishing his own analysis.

Rancière and Terray also gave papers at the Conference around Badiou’s new book THE IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS published two weeks ago. We can see where true scholarship and living philosophy are to be found, and where its stale caricature resides.

My hypothesis is that Laruelle’s ANTI-BADIOU is best understood as, belonging with the initial wave of responses to BEING AND EVENT that were published the succeeding year by Simont, Terray, Rancière, Desanti, Lyotard, Lacoue-Labarthe, and culminating three years later in Deleuze and Guattari’s WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY? (1991).

Laruelleans have attempted to annex this book, claiming that it is principally in dialogue with Badiou, but this is far from true. Badiou’s hypothesis that there are « two ways » in contemporary philosophy, Deleuze’s way and his own is far more pertinent. Deleuze and Guattari treat Badiou’s thought as a rival way to their own. They mention Laruelle’s non-philosophy as a tardy, misguided, and defective contribution to the way they have been exploring.

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