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PLURI-REDUCTIONISM: simulating pluralism by multiple reductions

« Pluri-reductionism » designates the recent attempts in Continental Philosophy to incorporate the insights of epistemological and ontological pluralism within a more manageable post-pluralist framework. The old reductionism cannot work, today the pluralist condition has become our common lot. This post proposes … Lire la suite

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(1) There is no default narrative flow Over the past fifty years we have seen diverse attempts to incorporate insights and clues present in quantum mechanics into wider philosophical visions and modes of thought. It is not necessary to construct … Lire la suite

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LARUELLE’S « LAW »: jargon is inversely proportional to citation

François Laruelle is the inventor of a current of thought called by him « non-philosophy ». As it is easy to see that this thought is, contrary to Laruelle’s own claims, still philosophy, he later came to call his thought « non-standard » philosophy. … Lire la suite

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LE GAMBIT DU RENARD: fantasy corrélationniste ou sf mathématique?

Certains lecteurs arguent que ce roman ne mérite pas le titre de science fiction, puisque le principe de base de son univers est que les lois de la physique peuvent être modifiées par un système « calendaire ». Ceci semble relever plutôt … Lire la suite

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ACTOR SHADES OF RED: On Kim Stanley Robinson’s RED MOON

Kim Stanley Robinson’s latest novel, RED MOON, is constructed around a thoroughly Latourian ontology, as substrate for a global revolution. It is pervaded by a reflection on networks, on their incompleteness, and on their non-totalisable functioning by dis-functioning. Near the … Lire la suite

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BEING (CRITIQUED) WITHOUT BEING (READ): Galloway’s Laruellean Ignorantism

I have already dealt with Galloway’s claim that Latour’s thought is « being without event » in a previous post, here: Galloway seems to think that the alternative to « democratic materialism » (cf. Badiou, LOGICS OF WORLDS), what he calls Latour’s « bodies-and-languages … Lire la suite

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Scientistic intellectual incomprehension and rejection of pluralism is often combined with affective hostility. Galloway’s remarks on Latour are a fascinating example of this phenomenon. The spectacle of a reductionist determinist Marxist accusing anyone else, let alone Bruno Latour, of « naturalising » … Lire la suite

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LARUELLE’S MACHINE OF MISREADING: Ignorantism and Semantic Bloat

It has slowly become apparent that François Laruelle’s non-philosophy as applied by his Anglophone acolytes is a machine of misreading, a technique of getting things wrong. Laruelle’s obscurantist syntax and lexics does not hide any meta-sophistication over and above its … Lire la suite

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the challenges of reading Latour

Initialement publié sur Alex Reid :
A couple of Latour-related articles have been going around lately, particularly this article in the NY Times and more recently this critical piece by Alex Galloway at least partly occasioned by the Times article. Galloway’s rejection of Latour…

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