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THEORY FICTION PROCESS: hyphenating, theorising, fictifying

I came across a couple of blog posts (1 and 2) devoted to « theory-fiction », and I thought it would be interesting to list some of my own recommendations. I felt that if I played this language game naively I might … Lire la suite

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QUANTUM HERMENEUTICS (1): the case of Steve Fuller

Abstract: Over the past fifty years we have seen diverse attempts to incorporate insights and clues present in quantum mechanics into wider philosophical visions and modes of thought. It is not necessary to construct a formal « metaphysics of quantum physics » … Lire la suite

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PSEUDO-HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY THE PSEUDO-VICTORS: Object-oriented ontology and the « absence » of critique No mention is made of kvond’s contributions. See for example this synthetic post. Other early critics of OOO include Leon Niemoczynski, David Golumbia, Jason Hills, Andrew Cole, Glen Fuller, Jussi Parikka, and Adrian Romero Farias. Not to mention my … Lire la suite

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