QUANTUM HERMENEUTICS (1): the case of Steve Fuller

Abstract: Over the past fifty years we have seen diverse attempts to incorporate insights and clues present in quantum mechanics into wider philosophical visions and modes of thought. It is not necessary to construct a formal « metaphysics of quantum physics » to belong to this quantum turn.

Contemporary philosophers such as Karen Barad, Slavoj Zizek, Gilles Deleuze (and his epigone François Laruelle) prefer a more hermeneutic and heuristic informal approach that draws on quantum physics for some very general principles that can inspire our whole image of thought to take up new directions.

Steve Fuller’s thought is an original contribution makes use of this quantum image to give us a robust notion of post-truth that is not a form of relativism but a type of realism based on testability and democratic exchange.

Full paper here: https://www.academia.edu/37894878/POST-TRUTH_QUANTUM_EPISTEMOLOGY_The_case_of_Steve_Fuller

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3 commentaires pour QUANTUM HERMENEUTICS (1): the case of Steve Fuller

  1. dmf dit :

    from the fringes


  2. dmf dit :

    Zizek comes in around an hour in (I skipped ahead to it)


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