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BLOGGING DEAD BLOG ON: on the « death » of book blogging

“IMAGINATION DEAD IMAGINE” (Samuel Beckett) This is a response to a post by Anthony of the blog Time’s Flow Stemmed I have never believed in the dividing of recent history up into “generations” or into “eras” or “ages”. These divisions … Lire la suite

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INCANDESCENT IMPRESSIONS (1): prologemona to reading Michel Serres’ « The Incandescent »

As long as philosophy invents concepts, it constructs an infinitive and substantive language no one can speak without laughing. By recognizing the spaces and times conditioning the positions, it reconstructs, through these prepositions, a sayable language close to those real … Lire la suite

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ANATEM: immanentiser le platonisme

Cet article est le texte d’une conférence, prononcée il y a trois ans, avant la publication de la traduction française en octobre 2018. Abstract: J’essaie de voir ANATEM en termes d’une tendance générale, qui inclurait la philosophie, la physique, et … Lire la suite

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QUANTUM HERMENEUTICS: on the failure of Laruelle’s structuralism

Abstract: Thought does not only make use of images to give it concrete illustrations or applications, but is also organised in terms of certain overarching images that give form and plausibility to its exercise in a particular epoch. There are … Lire la suite

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Summary of why I can’t write a summary of my year’s reading. 1) Calendrical depression: at the end of the old year one can observe, in the microcosm of academic and para-academic social networks, a flurry of blog posts, tweets, … Lire la suite

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LYOTARD’S THEORY-FICTION: le mur du pacifique

From the back cover of Jean-François Lyotard’s le mur du pacifique, published in 1979: « C’est un manuscrit français trouvé il y a quelque années dans la bibliothèque d’une université californienne. L’auteur y esquisse une sorte de théorie-fiction politique : – … Lire la suite

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