QUANTUM HERMENEUTICS: on the failure of Laruelle’s structuralism

Abstract: Thought does not only make use of images to give it concrete illustrations or applications, but is also organised in terms of certain overarching images that give form and plausibility to its exercise in a particular epoch.

There are two influential images of thought that have given rise to diverse contemporary metaphysical research programmes in Continental Philosophy: the quantum image and the performance image. Both of these are articulated in opposition to the dominance of the structuralist image.

The most radical version of a philosophical project that elaborates a quantum image of thought is to be found in Slavoj Zizek’s recent work, while the most radical version of the performance image is given by Bruno Latour’s AIME project.

François Laruelle attempts to articulate a version of the quantum image, and some of his followers have tried to develop a performance image in his name.

In both cases their thought is not radical enough, because they are caught in un-criticized structuralist presuppositions.

Full text: https://www.academia.edu/38087099/QUANTUM_HERMENEUTICS

or: https://fr.scribd.com/document/396802252/Quantum-Hermeneutics

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