Derrida’s Seminar La vie la mort (1): the back cover

My translation:

« Life Death is one of Jacques Derrida’s most fecund seminars. At stake: to think life and death in virtue of a logic that would not pose death as the opposite of life. The philosopher asks at the outset: is not the purity of life, in essence, contaminated by the very possibility of death, since only a living thing can die? In reversing the classical perspective, Derrida undertakes to teach his students that it is on the contrary death that makes life possible.

In fourteen erudite and exciting sessions delivered during the year 1975-1976 Derrida deconstructs the traditional opposition between life and death by way of multiple and deliberately pluridisciplinary readings, elaborating his thought as much in contact with philosophy (Hegel, Nietzsche, Heidegger) and the epistemology of the sciences (Georges Canguilhem) as in confrontation with contemporary genetics (François Jacob) and psychoanalysis (Freudian categories of life and death drives) ».

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  1. Stephen Puryear at North Carolina state U is doing the same thing with Schopenhauer and Rights.Schopenhauer inverts also saying that « harm » (using the German) is the primary part of the argument. If the specie can be « harmed » then by extension it has rights. He was speaking on Animal Rights from Schopenhauer but in his recent work has extended it to becoming vegan. BTW may I suggest you contact Creston Davis of #GCAS and give this one of Derrida in the recent Sunday online series of Dangerous Thinking.


  2. Have you thought about teaching at GCAS? I would love you to do that.


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