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The preceding posts should make it clear that while taking a keen interest in Sean Kelly’s new project conceived as a pluralist endeavour, I reject his claim to develop a « radical » or « ultimate » polytheism/pluralism. The principle reason is that there … Lire la suite

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THE MYTH OF THE GIVEN and the three maxims of gratitude

In his posts on How do you make a decision and on Ontological gratitude Sean Kelly puts forth a number of radical polytheist maxims concerning decision, understanding, the gift and gratitude. I wish to consider three of these maxims: 1) A … Lire la suite

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LOOKING A « GIFT » THOUGHT IN THE OTHER: on etymology, genericity, and thinking

The centrality that Sean Kelly in his recent posts on the ALL THINGS SHINING blog gives to the notions of the « gift » and of « gratitude » would seem to indicate his dependence on a very questionable set of ideas coming from … Lire la suite

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There has been a lively and interesting dialogue going on at the ALL THINGS SHINING blog. It’s true that sometimes in an exchange, the dialogue takes over, and becomes more than the sum of its parts. We think thoughts and … Lire la suite

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ONTOLOGY WITHOUT CERTAINTY: towards a diachronic pluralism

I am trying to apply the loose set of meta-criteria that I have developed for evaluating metaphysical research programmes to Sean Kelly’s ALL THINGS SHINING (ATS) project and to its successor project THE PROPER DIGNITY OF HUMAN BEING (PDHB), as … Lire la suite

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NO TERMS ARE PRIMARY: towards a generic language of the phenomena

In a post on his blog ALL THINGS SHINING Sean Kelly tries to describe the phenomenon of making an important life-decision. To give some context to his analysis he has shared a personal story about how he came to a … Lire la suite

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I have been grappling with the problem of the best or the most appropriate language for philosophy, and my tentative conclusion is that there is no final or absolute answer. Sometimes colloquial language that sticks close to the experience as … Lire la suite

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