A SECOND CALL FOR HELP: Science Fiction and Music

There seems to be an affinity of science fiction with music, but it remains hard to pin down or express. Some questions for me are

1) Does Space Opera sometimes have a musical element in its structure, and not just in its content.

2) Does Universe Opera, or the most cosmic science fiction, have any special affinity with music?

3) Can anyone think of any particularly illuminating examples?

I propose

STAR MAKER with one of its multiple universes being a cosmos of pure music

ANATHEM with its philosophical music for the auts.

Can anyone propose other examples and/or cast any light on the link between SF and music?


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10 commentaires pour A SECOND CALL FOR HELP: Science Fiction and Music

  1. maylynno dit :

    Interesting. I shared your post. Maybe the movie The Fifth Element can give you some insights? There is opera in it


  2. bormgans dit :

    Also Banks’ Look To Windward and The Hydrogen Sonata have explicit musical plot parts.

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  3. Yannick Rumpala dit :

    Il y avait le Bifrost, n°69 : Dossier Culture Rock & Science-Fiction.
    Cf. https://resf.hypotheses.org/1537

    La revue Res Futurae avait également constitué une petite bibliographie : https://resf.hypotheses.org/etudesmusiquesf

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