Peter Kingsley’s CATAFALQUE (9): Prophetic language and Platonic meta-language

Kingsley’s basic terminology is « Platonic » in the stereotypical sense of that term: dualism, absolute reality, our world is one of illusions:

« Look at his language » as Kingsley is fond of saying of Jung. Kingsley’s own language is infused with Platonic dualisms.

Far from thinking outside Reason’s categories, Peter Kingsley has some very simplistic categories in place, even if he doesn’t give a damn about being « reasonable ». Thus he is blind to the other thinkers around him who go further outside these categories than him: Derrida, Deleuze, Feyerabend, Hillman, Laruelle, Latour, Badiou.

These are not « reasonable » philosophers. 

Those who do not notice this blind spot do not disagree with my analysis, they are repeating Kingsley’s own self-publicity, his own opinion of himself. Not everyone is called to disagree, to be a « contrary ». Kingsley claims he is a contrary, a disagree-er. I situate him amongst his fellow disagree-ers.

Kingsley should read Karl Popper’s « Back to the Pre-Socratics ». The West is based on disagreeing. Kingsley should disagree with someone interesting instead of with silly scientific Jungians. That battle is too easy, and I fully agree with him there.

The problem is that when Kingsley comes across someone more interesting, not in the mould of Reason (like Nietzsche, Heidegger, Hillman) his critical arms fail him and he resorts to truncated quotations, trivialisation, and blatant misrepresentation. So much for being « beyond » the categories.

My biggest problem with Kingsley lies in his opposition between reading and « direct experience ». The guy has spent far more time reading in libraries and in his study than « incubating ». If by now he is not incubating while he is reading he is doing both wrong.

My analysis up to now has shown the epistemological slippage in his writing, as he seeks to conflate the subject of his discourse, the prophetic subject, with the meta-subject of his language of thought. Platonism is his meta-language. This is what blinds him.

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