MY WRITINGS ON MICHEL SERRES (1): Interview, Review, Meta-Ontology


1) Interview with Michel Serres This is an interview on pluralism I conducted with Michel Serres in his home in Paris in 1980. It was published in ON THE BEACH, Nos. 6 Spring 1984 and 7/8 Summer-Autumn 1985, translated into English by Ross Gibson.

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2) Articles and Reviews:

2) Review of ROME: THE FIRST BOOK OF FOUNDATIONS Michel Serres’ book ROME: THE FIRST BOOK OF FOUNDATIONS is an excellent example of a pluralist thought that enacts the pluralism that it describes. It moves from the monist mimetic violence described in the first chapter, « 1 BLACK BOX: The Trampled Multiplicity », to the pluralist peace of the last chapter, « 8 IN THE FIELD: The Multiplicity in Peace ». Its guiding thought is that the true foundation is not the violence of tragedy, but the peace of multiplicities.

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3) Meta-ontology: PLURALIST FLEXI-ONTOLOGY (Deleuze, Lyotard, Serres, Feyerabend)

IN 1980 after spending 6 months in Paris attending Deleuze and Foucault’s seminars, and interviewing Serres and Lyotard, I returned to Sydney and gave a paper synthesising my impressions. It was published in THE FOREIGN BODIES PAPERS, 1981.

The title of the published version was not mine, but was inserted in place of my original title, which was PLURALIST FLEXI-ONTOLOGY. This title conveys my impression that these thinkers were, each in their own way, were working in the domain of ontology to elaborate not a new ontology, but a pluralist meta-ontology.

There was some discussion after, but it was mostly disappointing. I reproduce here my appended response, but I have blanked out the names of those I respond to, as they have no doubt evolved a little since then (as have I).

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