AGAINST « SCIENTIFIC » CORONA-DENIALISM: thinking a noetic shock

There is a strange video on the corona-virus that has earned some attention:

It concerns the so-called « insides » of the panic around the sanitary crisis provoked by the spread of the corona virus. The « insider ». perspective is given by a specialist, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg.

1) STATISTICAL EMPIRICISM. Wodarg’s argument is political despite its seeming scientific content and reasoning. He uses a statistical argument to make a « scientific » point that is already outdated by ongoing developments, i.e. his epidemiological facts are wrong.

2) STATISTICAL FRAGILITY. This political video argues that « you can prove anything with statistics » by itself using statistics. It does not address the sanitary crisis unfolding in the hospitals and clinics. The fragility of our health-care systems is tied to downsizing due to debunking arguments such as these.

3) EXPERT FRAGILITY. Wodarg does give some interesting information concerning the methodological and sociological fragility of the science-community’s response to the epidemiological crisis and to its political management.

4) EPISTEMOLOGICAL FRAGILITY. The epistemological fragility of claims to scientific knowledge stemming from the presence in science of personal motivation, experts’ partisan interests, political strategies, and path-dependency of results and conclusions is always present and does not in itself invalidate these results and conclusions.

5) META-PREDICTIONS. I agree with Wodarg’s arguments on the fragility of the scientific pathway to validation of a consensus on the virus, but not with his sceptical conclusion, and also on the fragility for our healthcare systems due to not dealing with the meta-prediction that unpredictable crises will emerge.

6) NOETIC SHOCK. The noetic shock provoked by the Corona-virus crisis is similar to that administered by the geoclimatic crisis. It demands of us that we think and act in terms of statistical and systemic arguments. Otherwise, disaster ensues.


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9 commentaires pour AGAINST « SCIENTIFIC » CORONA-DENIALISM: thinking a noetic shock

  1. bormgans dit :

    Noetic shock: okay, but so far the climate crisis hasn’t provided one. Do you think Corona might help humanity see the coming climate shock more clearly?


    • terenceblake dit :

      I have no idea. The noetic shock has not come from the climate side, will it come from the epidemic side? Thinking statistically and systemically is still empirical, but it is not the sort of eyeball-to-world empiricism that guides those who in a country implementing self-isolation think it’s ok to go for a walk in the sun with lots of others because they don’t « feel » sick. Nonetheless the corona-shock will break into their experience more quickly, and may make people call into question the political and economic strategies that have left us so unprepared. Even if this bio-deconstructive consciousness raising does occur there is no guarantee that it will be transferred to the climate case. It could however prepare the way, as an educational experience.

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  2. bormgans dit :

    The video is painful to watch though, given the recent developments. As such, it is an illustration of yet another guy infatuated with his own epistemological savoir vivre.


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  4. landzek dit :

    I think he is saying that a certain viewing allowed for something which is quite regular to become exceedingly important and scary. That there are no more or less people getting sick that otherwise would be except now we are hyper aware.



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