IMAGE IS THE MEASURE: Notes on Incommensurability and the Dream

This text is a first attempt to synthesise an epistemology of incommensurabilities and an ontology of images. I had been working on epistemological and psychological pluralism, and on the ties between Paul Feyerabend’s epistemology (incommensurabilities) and James Hillman’s archetypal psychology for over five years, before moving to Paris in 1981.

I had felt the need to pursue both an ontology and an aesthetics of pluralism and was lucky to be able to attend Gilles Deleuze’s seminars on cinema (pluralist ontology of images) and Foucault (pluralist epistemology and ontology) and Jean-François Lyotard’s seminar on the sublime (epistemology and aesthetics of incommensurabilities).

The text was published in ON THE BEACH, No. 6, Spring 1984.

Also available here: Image is the Measure

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